is a website created to be more than just a resource for home educators. Through our partnership with Liberty University's education department and our affiliation with New Life Christian Stores, will be your primary source for information concerning the Central Virginia Home Education Conference, held at Liberty University each year.

Several times a year we have small group seminars at New Life Christian Stores, where you have the opportunity to fellowship with other homeschool parents while discussing topics ranging from time management to specific materials used for various subjects. will be working with the many homeschool groups in the Central VA area, providing contact information, listing events sponsored by these groups in our calendar of events, and networking the support these groups already have in place. We will also offer support to individual families in Central VA who may not be involved in a homeschool group, but want somewhere to turn to find information about Central Virginia's Homeschool community.

We have chosen "Networking Central Virginia's Home Educators" as the theme behind Together we will be able to make the homeschool community in Central VA a strong one.

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