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Whitaker designs (Wd) is a subsidiary of New Life Books & Gifts Inc., Parent company of New Life Christian Stores, theNewLife.com and Cross Promotions.

Created after the .com explosion and the impending aftermath of the .com fall out, Wd has put the fun back into web design. When the internet was first pioneered, those who led the way, had fun designing and experimenting with what we know as the World Wide Web of today. Along the path to today's internet, the fun turned into a rat race, where most companies spend too much money on big flashy websites, but few make enough from them to justify the expense.

Our philosophy is simple. Start small, and let your web presence grow as you do - and have fun doing it! Don't appear bigger than you are, but do show by your web presence that you are good at what you do! 

Let Wd help you decide what you need in a website, and then make it happen. With the right web design, your business, ministry or organization will stand out in today's competitive market, but not be lost in the ocean of information on the internet. And with a Wd website, you can have the peace of mind that your site does not look like a cheap marketing ploy offered from the AOL's and Yahoo's of the web today. Don't settle for a sub domain, when your own domain is easy and affordable!   

Because each design will be different, and not all needs are the same, Wd prices each project individually. Contact us to set up an appointment, and see how easy it is to have a Whitaker design of your own.

Wd also offers marketing materials to help you in many areas, including advertising - what you should and shouldn't do and effective use of email lists - why you need one, and how to put it to work. Be sure to ask for more details when you contact us!


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