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In a time when most website development is done by hot shot designers for top dollar, Whitaker designs (Wd) offers simple quality at an affordable price. We specialize in small businesses, ministries and organizations. If your needs surpass our abilities, we will take pride in helping you find a developer with whom you will be happy.     

Below are a few Whitaker designs you can view for yourself. If you are interested in a Whitaker design of your own, click the contact link above.










Lastly we list future projects. These may be domains owned by Wd, or domains recently purchased by a client, but which are still waiting for final design approval before work begins. Once a design is completed, a screen capture and link will be posted above.

YouthofVictory.com ServingTheCustomer.com ReachingTheYouth.com

Wd will be glad to help you with your web development needs! We take great care of each web site we develop, while having fun helping our clients make their online presence known.

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